Nails | Reverse French Manicure

Whew! Already November and the first semester of my final year is flying by! It has been quite the chaotic semester and it's been hard keeping on top of blogging but I shall try my best!

These nails, inspired by my good friend Alex are so chic! Simple and super easy, this reverse french mani will have them compliments hitting you left, right and center! I used Essie polishes, Penny Talk and Stylenomics; both perfect for the fall weather. I love the deep green jewel tone of Stylenomics, has been ready and excited for the holiday season to start! What colours will you be doing this manicure in?

How to:

  1. Base Coat
  2. 1 Coat of Penny Talk all over the nail and let dry
  3. Carefully paint Stylenomics over Penny Talk, leaving 2mm space at the base of the nail and let dry
  4. Paint another coat of Stylenomics to get desired opacity
  5. Top coat to seal


Trending | Lend Me an Ear

It seems like a typical thing to have ones ears pierced but until recently I was that one odd girl who had virgin earlobes. Granted I did recall having arguments with my mother in the past to get my ear pierced; as I got older, I just kind of forgot about earrings in general, it just wasn't part of my everyday routine.

Now I know what I've been missing out on! Small little accents to draw attention to your face; a little extra sparkle; a whole new accessory to covet and collect! I'm intrigued by the new styles of earrings that are popping up around in the fashion world. No longer is just the earlobe highlighted but the back of the ear with the emergence of ear jackets and the crescent of the ear with ear cuffs. So many pretty ear accessories, no longer can you just classify them all as earrings. Here are some ear trends I can't get enough of:

Ear Jackets: Whoever started this trend....I love you. its a super easy way to spice up plain old studs with a special back piece. Some favourites here, here and here

Ear cuffs: Edgy. Hot. Unique. I remember when this trend first emerged and was instantly trying to DIY versions with my friends. (potential tutorial if anyone wants it?). I currently own this one, loving this, and this.

Asymmetric Earrings: Mixing it up. Matching pairs are too typical, make a statement with different earrings. Plus symmetry is soooooooo last season. Can't wait to get my hands on these, this and this.

Ear Crawlers: Newest accessory for this season, kind of a hybrid of an ear cuff and an ear jacket. Super cute ones to inspire your inner shopaholic here, here and here.

Images by Tommy Ton 


Nails | Cherry Blossoms


Inspired by my trip to Japan, where all fashion is embellished and detailed; I couldn't resist doing up my nails just like them Japanese girls. Sparkly and girly to the max, Japanese nail art is an art form of its own. Usually an overall cohesive look with no two nails looking the same. For these nails I used acrylic paint to paint the flowers and layered on different glitter jelly finishes.

One thing to note: Patience. Not a nail design for the faint of heart :)


Inspiration | Chanel Couture Sandals

How cute are these?!

As seen on the Chanel Couture runway for Fall/Winter 2014, these sandals look super chic! Granted in Canada, sandals in the fall don't really work with our colder climate but I can definitely see myself rocking a DIY version of these for the last coming weeks of summer. An easy revamp on a pair of old flip flops (or a new pair) with just a piece of ribbon. Lucky for you girls in warmer weather climates you can wear them well into December!

Images from Style.com 


Travel | Japan 2014 - VLOGs

Pikachu at Tokyo Tower

Wow! I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. Very sorry about that!

A lot has changed in the past little while and I've sadly neglected this blog but here's a bit of an update. I completed my 15-month internship and moved back home at the end of last month and then jetted off to Japan with my Dad for two weeks immersing ourselves in the Japanese culture. I have yet to finish going through all my photos but while on the trip I managed to take some video footage on my phone. I've upload Part 1 & Part 2 onto my YouTube Channel; Part 3 is on its way!

We started off in Tokyo, took a day trip to Mt. Fuji; spent some time at Nachi Falls in Kii-Katsuura and got stuck there for two days thanks to a typhoon. Made our way to Osaka and Kyoto before returning home :)

I had a lot of fun on the trip and would definitely recommend anyone who is an adventurous eater to give it a go! I will be posting a mini travel guide of Japan along with photos soon so keep your eyes peeled for that :)


Trending | Fit is the new Chic

If this isn't proof that sportswear is the new cool I don't know what is. Our favourite luxury site Net-a-Porter, which we are all guilty of browsing filling up the shopping cart and rapidly exiting before we hit pay, has launched a specific sportswear section. Its like a curated museum of beautiful performance pieces. I quickly browsed and most of it is pretty affordable compared to other parts of the site where you can buy a couture gown for $5000+. I can't wait until they add more pieces to this part of the site, I can see it being a great place to get those new workout pieces that will motivate one to hit the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle and bod.

Other news in the world of sporting goods and fashion plus tech, we have the latest refresh of the Fitbit with Tory Burch, it's some bling that will do you good. Love the geometric pattern and mix of gold and black. Its quite ostentatious, but hey, who wouldn't want to make their work out a bit more glamorous? Wearable tech is the baby of fashion and technology, I can see a lot of future design collaborations for lifestyle products with the trending "let's be healthy!" attitude more and more people are adopting today.

I personally hope to one day be working in the field of sportswear and performance apparel since I think its the perfect blend of fashion and industrial design.

Images from Net-a-Porter & FitBit


DIY | Pineapple Embellished Top

Whew! Summer is passing by wayyy too quickly! I can't believe its already mid July! It makes me sad that there's only a month and half left of sun and warmth. But then again its been quite chilly here in Toronto and thanks to certain people I've been stuck with a cold the last week. I'm feeling a bit better and realized how much I've neglected my blog and nothing better than to come back with a DIY tutorial for you guys. Here is a SUPER simple way to spice up any old tank or shirt in your closet with summer sunshine in the form of pineapples. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

  • A top (I got mine from Garage, similar here and here)
  • Yellow oval rhinestones (here)
  • Green bungle beads
  • Thread & needle
  • Scissors
  • E6000 Glue
Lay out your rhinestones in a desired pattern for the pineapples. Take some E6000 Glue and glue the rhinestones down once you are happy with their locations. This will help you in the next step when sewing.

Reinforce the glued on rhinestones by sewing them down with matching thread. Since you had already previously glued them, it will keep the spacing even and will eliminate rolling and falling rhinestones as you sew on the leaves of the pineapple.

To sew on the pineapple top, take green bungle beads and sew them flaring out from the top of the oval rhinestones. Repeat until all the oval rhinestones have transformed into pineapples
I finished my shirt in time for Digital Dreams Fest a couple weeks ago. I'll post a overview of my time there in the next few days, but to say the least it was a BLAST! (Ps. We have no idea who the guy is but he was nice enough to take a picture for and with us!)

Big thanks to Yvonne for the first image! 
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